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Filtro NDX Pro 1 Digital 52mm

Brand: Hoya
Item code: NDPD52.025.50
Price: EUR 43,10
Discounted price: EUR 41,00
You Save: EUR 2,10


The filters Hoya ND (Neutral Density) allow to reduce the amount of light passing through the lens, without introducing unwanted color casts. In the case of filter ND4 the factor is 4x. The light is then reduced by 2 stops.
As all filters Pro 1 Digital ND4 these filters are characterized by:
A protective anti-glare 6-layer studied by Hoya on the specific needs of the digital sensors fitted to the current SLR digitali.Una frame in brushed aluminum black ultra-thin, which prevents internal reflections and vignettes even when the filter is mounted on optical ultra-grandangolari.Una black lacquer on the edge of the filter outside of the filter, which avoids the occurrence of reflections internal parasites also in the backlight more insidiosi.Il knurled edge that facilitates mounting and removal of the filtro.La front thread which allows to mount a second filter or lens hood
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