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GoPro Case 40mt

Brand: GoPro
Item code: CaseAp
Price EUR 46,00


Open houses on the sides to allow the use of any wiring without removing the camera. You can then use the video function LIVE (transmit real-time video via composite cable or HDMI cable to camera on an LCD or computer) and keep the GoPro in charge during all possible uses prolungati.Svolge also an excellent cooling function in all the situation where the elevated temperature could be a problem, and improves the 'audio in low wind conditions or when used at speeds of up to 150km / h. If used with the camera Skeleton Case is NOT waterproof. Use only in asciutti.Consigliamo of utilzzare always your GoPro into the case to protect it from bumps and accidental breakage.
Compatible with GoPro HD HERO2 HD and HD HERO1 HERO960
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