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Brand: Leica
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Bright and fantastic - amazing goal 
Of all the compact Leica D-Lux has one of the objectives brighter. Its zoom is perfectly tuned to the large sensor. With an impressive sensitivity range up to ISO 25600 permitted by pixel particularly large, gets the best out of the available light and gives pictures with natural colors and exceptional quality. It is perfect for available light photography and, thanks to the versatile zoom (from 24 to 75 in 35 mm format), is at ease in an almost infinite number of creative genres: portraits, landscapes, architecture, macro and reportage, the classical domain of Leica cameras. 
Wonderfully simple: form follows function 
From the very first glance, the D-Lux reveals his true heritage of Leica - classic elegance, timeless beauty and particular attention to the simple and intuitive management. Also switch between automatic and manual modes is particularly simple. Even less experienced photographers can get great satisfaction from the start - reviewing bright and clear images on the LCD monitor, high-resolution 3 ", even in bright sunlight. Whoever picks up, immediately perceives the superior quality of materials and finishes. 
High resolution of the integrated viewfinder 
The ideal composition and framing of subjects and scenes is now integrated in the electronic viewfinder. With a resolution of 2.8 megapixels, images are sharp and well contrasted with abundant light. For added convenience, the viewfinder shows the same data displayed on the display monitor. Also having the diopter adjustment, the viewfinder can be used without restriction for those who wear glasses. 
No wires, thanks to Wi-Fi and NFC 
A built-in Wi-Fi module provides remote control of the D-Lux from a smartphone or tablet, especially enjoyed when the photographer wants to be in the picture. The app Leica Image Shuttle C required for this function, you can download for free and install it on iOS or Android devices. And that's not all: you can transfer photos and video from the camera via wireless network. A module NFC (Near Field Communication) integrated sets quickly and easily connect to a Wi-Fi compatible NFC smartphone by simply bringing the phone to the camera. 
Moving memories in high resolution format 4K 
Sometimes the video tells more of the photographs. The Leica D-Lux and ready to make the most of these opportunities - with its 4K video, the format for recording high-definition digital that quadruples the resolution of Full HD. Record and save video is simplicity itself - with a breathtaking quality. In fact, it has a quality that individual frames can be saved as pictures. 
Three-year warranty included 
With the "Warranty of three years," Leica, well beyond the normal terms of the manufacturer's warranty, the D-Lux is even safer. In the case of intervention during these 3 years, our team and help support this in the world will do their utmost to ensure a speedy and satisfactory resolution of the problems. 
Professional image processing 
The new Leica D-Lux is equipped with the software for the professional treatment of photographs and video Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4, which offers exceptional creative freedom in image manipulation. You can "develop" optimal RAW files of the CMOS sensor of the D-Lux with the best possible quality. All parameters can be aged in postproduction.
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