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Brand: Leica
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Pure mechanical excellence 
As a purely mechanical camera, the Leica MA is a precision instrument reduced to its essentials to the point of totally open up new creative horizons for photographers. Sure miss the monitor does not have the meter and even the battery, but has a mechanical quality that instantly makes tangible the 100 years of photography Leica. Photographers can read the shutter speed and aperture directly on the camera and the lens, focus totally on the subject. The acoustic signature of shooting a Leica MA is a pleasure that immediately reveals the excellence and precision design from which it originates. 
FORM AND FUNCTION in a perfect design 
The exterior of the Leica MA is timeless as precision engineering concealed inside. For example, the Leica red dot has been omitted to give priority to its classic lines as the highest expression of discretion. Side view, the MA is appreciably slimmer of its digital counterparts. 
Available in chrome and silver chrome black 
The camera is available in two different finishes: the classic look of the silver chrome version continues the design tradition of 60 years of Leica M cameras with the black chrome version, the MA style reminiscent of M Monochrom and further gains in terms of elusiveness and discretion. While an incision on the top of MA chrome silver indicates its origins, only careful inspection of its black counterpart reveals the Leica logo engraved on the accessory rail. 
The system M is not the only legend of photography which celebrates its 60th birthday in 2014 Even the Kodak Tri-X 400 saw the light in 1954 With its exceptional sharpness, fine grain, wide tonal gradation, the 'extremely wide exposure latitude and excellent shadow detail, this film in black and white became the favorite for many and a classic art photography and reportage. Of course it is the perfect partner for Leica MA - this explains why the Kodak Tri-X 400 is included in the package of the Leica MA.
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