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Brand: Leica
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Brilliant image quality 
Since the initial opening of his exceptional goal-Leica Summilux 35 mm f / 1.7 ASPH. (equivalent in 35mm format) creates a particularly pleasing bokeh, explore the creative possibilities of selective focus is particularly fascinating and rewarding with the Leica X. And all this is possible without an additional lens hood - in fact, the goal is almost entirely insensitive to the effects of flare and ghosting. They have sharp pictures, clear and incredibly sharp - from infinity to minimum focusing distance of 0.2 meters. Merit also of the CMOS sensor of the Leica X, which keeps what is promised by the APS-C: extraordinary photos with outstanding color fidelity and finer detail reproduction - even in unfavorable lighting conditions. 
The best quality in every aspect 
The new Leica X fascinates with a timeless design that eliminates everything superfluous to concentrate on the essentials. On top of all this, the highest quality in materials and finish - in every detail. Everything is made ​​of metal of choice - from the camera body to the controls, to get to the selector for the thumb and the front lens cap. Magnesium is used for the front and rear shells, while the cap and the cap are made ​​of anodized aluminum. A special feature of the concept of high-quality cap is made ​​by processing a single block of metal. 
Focus on the photos 
The idea to remove all the unnecessary, leaving only the essentials - thereby optimizing the ability to focus on the image - it is also the basis of the operational concept of the new Leica X. Its functions are well arranged and are accessible in an intuitive way simple to use. The quick and easy switching between manual and automatic modes inspires creativity. The large high-resolution display shows exactly what the camera is about to capture - so bright and with a perfect detail - providing a clear view even in sunlight. All to ensure that there are no distractions from what is really important: photography. 
greater spontaneity 
Many photographs so fascinating to strike the decisive moment as for the subject they portray. Autofocus is fast, accurate and almost completely silent Leica X allows a spontaneous and unobtrusive photography. Given that often the decisive moment vanishes in a moment, the camera's shutter is triggered as soon as the autofocus locks onto the subject - without any delay. The area of the autofocus can be selected manually to define the plane of sharpness desired. For the ideal interaction of the technical characteristics with imagination and creativity. 
Motion pictures 
For all those situations in life in which the individual photographs are not enough to describe the scene, the Leica X offers Full HD video recording. Easy and with exceptional quality. The videos can be recorded at a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels and 30 frames per second - saving them in the popular MP4 format. So nothing is easier than to share moving images with friends and family. 
Professional image processing 
In addition to JPEG files for immediate use, the Leica X also allows the recording of the image format DNG (Adobe Digital Negative Format), which offers extensive creative options in postproduction. Customers Leica X can download the solution for the professional workflow Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Apple Mac OS X or Microsoft
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