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LS Led 312 DS

Brand: LS
Item code: ld312ds
Price: EUR 309,00
Discounted price: EUR 270,00
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The skills and the operational areas of the professional photographer are increasingly diverse. The client now requires not only still images but also videos, especially for communication across the network. Increasingly, then, in addition to the photos? Operator is called to achieve simultaneously shooting video (just think of the wedding photography).
The lighting needs are obviously very different, and the LED illuminators have made great contributions to the possibility of making good images, thanks to its compactness and low power consumption that can ensure.
With the new model DS LED 312, the LS further expands the range of models? Prosumer ?. The new LED 312 DS is derived directly from the LED 312 AS, and takes almost all the features that have contributed to the success of this product: lightness, compactness, power, flexibility, reliability, ease of? Use and transport.
Two main novelty of this new product, compared to? Basic model? (LED 312 AS), which remains in the range of course: the presence of a set of barn doors (removable and foldable) el? Insertion, on the back of? Illuminator, a large backlit LCD display that displays all the functions set .
Very small size (200x120x60mm) and weight equally content (390g without batteries). A tool so perfect to be anchored to the sled ISO of the camera or the camera (LS provides accompanying a head ball that allows a fast and safe anchorage).
The LED 312 DS is equipped with high-performance LED elements 312, which provide a? Great amount of light (1530 lux at one meter). L? Illuminator is equipped with a control circuit? Anti-flickering? and dimmers for adjusting the power (continuous adjustment from 10% to 100%). C? Is also a second command to continuously varied the color temperature of the light emitted between 3200 ° K and 5600 ° K. No need, therefore, to place filters in the transition from shooting in natural light in indoor shooting.
Dual power: 2 lithium-ion battery pack and AC adapter (all supplied with the system), the new LED 312 DS is able to move with agility in all operational contexts, passing in a moment from filming? On location ? to study work.
A bag-rigid for transport, the opal diffuser and? Adapter for charging car accumulators complete the features of the new LED illuminator 312 DS
DC7.4-14.8V 8.64W (5600 ° - 3200 ° K)
Bag, two Li-Ion battery pack, ball head,
speaker and power supply network kit
Dimensions: 200x120x60
Weight: 390 gr
Power (lux at 1 m): 1530
Autonomy: about 100 minutes
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