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Leica M-E corpo. CCD 18 MP Full Frame (cornici per 28/90, 35/135, 50/75)

Brand: Leica
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Caratteristiche Leica M-E corpo. CCD 18 MP Full Frame (cornici per 28/90, 35/135, 50/75)

Wireless No
Resoluction From 17 to 24 Megapixel


Quiet, discreet, compact and concentrated on the essentials

Discretion and unobtrusiveness are particular strengths of the M-System. For instance, the Leica M-E’s shutter action is extremely quiet. At the same time, the combination of camera and lens is more compact than any other full-format camera system – a reason why M-Photographers often go unnoticed and simply blend into the scenery.

Concentration on the essentials is part of the M-System philosophy. This also applies to the Leica M-E: it consciously declines to offer everything that is technically possible, but rather limits itself to what is essential to photography. These essentials include the M-typical rapid manual focusing with the viewfinder/rangefinder and the focusing ring of the lens, but also the option of selecting automatically determined or manually set shutter speeds.

 Uncompromising image quality

The Leica M-E features an 18-megapixel high-resolution CCD sensor in full 35 mm format. The sensor is perfectly attuned to its role in the very compact M-System and the superior performance of M-Lenses. The special layout of the micro lens makes it tolerant of oblique light rays impinging on its surface, and guarantees uniform exposure and extreme sharpness from corner to corner in every image. The omission of the otherwise usual low-pass filter reduces the need for digital post-processing and ensures that images possess a particularly natural visual impact.


Classical M-Design

Distinctively functional lines lend the camera an absolutely timeless character. After all, the essence of the M-System is also expressed by its design. The top and base plates are discreetly and unobtrusively finished in anthracite-grey paint. The design of its body expresses clarity, and its leather trim offers superior grip. The mechanical yet almost inaudible sound signature of its shutter release remains as a reminder that this M too is a masterpiece of unparalleled craftsmanship.

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