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M 2,5/50 Summarit nero, 6 bit code (passo filtri E39)

Brand: Leica
Item code: 11644
Price EUR 1.385,00


Powerful, lightweight and designed to be easy to operate, the Leica Summarit-M 50 mm f/2.5's applications are as varied as life itself. It corresponds closely to the field of vision and viewing patterns of the human eye and offers an impressively neutral and natural perspective. On analog cameras, it is a brilliant standard lens while on the digital Leica M8, its 67 mm equivalent focal length makes it ideal for portraits or picking out precise details.

The 50 mm Summarit-M is tailor-made for everyday photography. Its lens speed is perfectly adapted for all common applications. It is an updated double-Gauss six-element construction based on our tried and tested design. All of this means that this particular Summarit-M makes the Leica M easierto experience than ever before, without cutting any corners in terms of optical performance.

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