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M 3,8/18 Elmar Asferico nero, 6 bit code (passo filtri dedicato, codice 13422)

Brand: Leica
Item code: 11649
Price EUR 2.750,00


Excellent performance and compact design

The Leica Super-Elmar-M 18 mm f/3.8 ASPH. successfully merges ambitious wide angle photography with the very best of optical quality and compact design. This is achieved thanks to a patented, spacesaving, yet extremely effective lens hood. The lens is a super wide angle lens with an impressive angle of view, especially when mounted on an analogue Leica M model or a full frame digital camera, such as the M9. Its retrofocus-like architecture features eight lens elements of which one boasts two aspherical surfaces to ensure outstanding image quality already at open aperture.


Mirror Viewfinder M 18 mm - Intuitive framing

The rangefinder camera coupled with the bright Mirror Viewfinder M 18 mm is a high-precision instrument, yet precision focusing isn't always necessary thanks to sufficient depth of field reserves (hyperfocal technique). This solution is ideal for spontaneous and intuitive photography with the Leica M.


Complementary accessories

  • UV/ IR Filter: For Leica M8 models there is a special UV/ IR filter (item no. 13 422), which is mounted between the lens and the lens hood.
  • Filter Holder. For compatibility with other filters there is the accessory holder for E77 filters, which is mounted where you would normally secure the lens hood (item no. 14 484).
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