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METZ FLASH 52 AF-1 Panasonic Attack

Brand: Metz
Item code: 52af-1panasonic
Price: EUR 249,80
Discounted price: EUR 199,00
You Save: EUR 50,80 (20%)


The quality Metz uses the Touch Screen technology : the new flash 52 AF- 1 features a swiveling touch screen for function settings .
Way remote control with remote E-TTL Slave and Master allows complete wireless management in order to support the most imaginative applications .
Metz mecablitz 52 AF -1, thanks to its maximum guide number of 52 at ISO 100 , it is extremely powerful in all photographic situations . Thanks also to the parable and swivel head can
a perfect light management . Each subject can be photographed professionally with the help of wide-angle and
reflective panel of the parable. With its motorized zoom fully automatic lighting fits perfectly
the focal length of the lens. The model mecablitz 52 AF -1 Metz ensures perfect lighting without a cable , so
TLL or slave mode . With the powerful autofocus illuminator is possible to create razor-sharp images even in dim
light, thanks to the pilot light is then possible to evaluate the effect of light and shadow before taking the picture. And it is also very easy to use :
mecablitz 52 AF- 1 of Metz , the first flash compatible to the world , is equipped with a tactile display bright rotatable by 90 °, extremely
practical for vertical photos . With the USB interface , you can update the sot ware at any time and free of charge .
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