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Brand: Nikon
Item code: 511621
Price EUR 249,00


The handset SB-500, designed for photographers and video-makers, is an accessory of great quality, perfect to control the intensity and geometry of the directional light. 
By integrating a high intensity LED lamp located on the front of the unit, this flasher is the ideal choice for those who want to express at high levels even in the second half of the movie, without the obligation to carry additional bulky equipment for lighting. 
Compatible with Nikon D-SLR and some COOLPIX cameras, as well as with the Nikon Creative Lighting System CLS (Creative Lighting System), the 'SB-500 also provides wireless control of multiple units. The flash and the LED lamp cover both the wide angle of view of a 24mm lens in FX format, while the intuitive controls on the rear ensures ease of use. 
Nikon said: "In recent years, the photographic equipment has undergone substantial transformations, with cameras that have begun to take on the role of cameras extremely efficient. Our desire is to fully satisfy the specific requirements of shooting video of our users with a 'specialized equipment.'s new Nikon SB-500, faces the challenge of lighting video with a compact, economical and easy to use, without sacrificing in any way the potential of photographic lighting. Photographers can count on an extremely flexible and above all, fun.'s a great tool to create photographs and films that give a professional look. "
Built-in LED Lamp 
With a lighting module with high intensity LED (100 lx) on the front of the unit, the SB-500 is the right choice for video-makers and photographers who want an additional light. 
It is ideal for capturing shots in dark environments and can prove incredibly useful in the development of close-ups. 
When used with compatible cameras, the color information of the LED lamp can be transmitted together with those of flash. The color temperature provides the central value of 5,400 K typical of natural light. The LED unit is also equipped with a built-in speaker able to soften the intense light. A switch on the back of the flash allows you to adjust the intensity of the LED lamp on three levels. To get a softer light, just set the LED on half or a quarter of the full intensity. The LED illuminates the scene for about 60 minutes when using rechargeable Ni-MH and for about 30 minutes when using alkaline batteries. 
creative possibilities 
You can tilt the flash head up to 90 ° and rotate horizontally 180 ° in order to give birth to the desired angle. The ease of use of the SB-500 allows even beginners of flash photography, to best use the light and take pictures in daylight with the greatest impact, highlight the details of the backlit subject or soften the light by reflecting the flash on the ceiling. To get more advanced lighting, the SB-500 can act as a master flash "Master" for multiple flash units physically separate from the camera (if used on cameras with Commander mode built-in flash). The flash fires for at least 140 times on a single charge of rechargeable Ni-MH and for at least 100 times when using alkaline batteries, while the range for charging is minimum, respectively, of about 3.5 seconds and about 4 seconds. 
Simplicity and practicality 
The excellent ergonomics and intuitive controls located on the back, making the SB-500 is extremely easy to use. You can get and set additional features or different flash modes, via the camera menu that is automatically activated when the SB-500 is connected. The firmware update can be performed via the camera while the power is entrusted to simple AA batteries. 
The soft case SS-DC2 and the Speedlight Stand AS-23 are supplied with the SB-500.
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