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Suction Cup Mount

Brand: GoPro
Item code: VentGO
Price EUR 36,00


The Sucker Suction Cup for GoPro Hero el 'ideal for shooting car. Can be fixed both inside and outside the passenger compartment and, thanks to its powerful seal, is able to withstand stresses of up to a speed of 300 Km / h. Also used for filming on airplanes, motorcycles and boats (only on surfaces not in contact with water), this accessory proves the most suitable for all types of footage from on-board vehicles. RECOMMENDED l 'use of snowboards, surf, or other activities subject to strong shocks. Use only for assets with limited impact. For maximum seal apply Sucker Suction Cup on clean, dry surfaces.
Compatible with GoPro HD HERO2 HD HERO1, and HERO960 HD HERO WIDE
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