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This meter is undoubtedly the "first-class" family Sekonic. It has the ability to store and retrieve the profiles of digital cameras, providing notice of exposure outside the dynamic range. It 'easy to customize via computer USB port with the DTS software (PC Windows and Mac). It 'a spot meter advanced and versatile three exposure profiles for digital cameras - Notice of "out of dynamic range" - Adjusting the hue media - Spot metering 1st in reflected light - Display in 1/2 or 1/3 stop - analysis in mixed light with three different directions to light flash / ambient - 9 memory positions - with rings, accepts filters of different diameters front of the lens - Calculation multiple flashes (number of flashes unlimited) - retractable Lumisphere - Set 2 memories ISO

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It 'a light meter with unique features for photo and video professionals in the world. L-478D is a compact, intuitive and simple to use. The large color LCD (2.7 '') displays the data on ambient lighting, photography and cinematography, as well as all other information in a clear and understandable. The screen "touch" allows easy interaction. The SE-478D L interfaces with the DTS software that allows you to customize the settings and store up to nine camera profiles. In this bundle is included on spot viewfinder 5 ° and a handy carrying case that can accommodate all the kit

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And 'the meter most classic of all the Sekonic range, loved by filmmaker around the world. Rotating head and needle index (lockable) for a simple and accurate analog readout of amorphous silicon photocell (no need batteries) Lumisphere (to measure the contrast, the distribution and intensity of illumination); lumidisc by reflected light; lumigrid (grid to measure the incident light) - Memory to hold the last measurement - Measurement Scale for photos and cine - Dim .: 58x112x34mm; weight 190g

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The exposure TWINMATE L208 is the product of the access range Sekonic. Extremely compact with Lumisphere slide for quick selection of reading mode of the light reflected by accident, Immediate display of time / aperture angle of 33 ° sensor reading in reflected light • Socket adapter for mounting on the camera sled, Rates special shutter 1 / 5.1 / 10.1 / 25.1 / 50.1 / 100.1 / 200.1 / 400.1 / 800), auto-off after 15 seconds.

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Digital light meter, the reduced weight and dimensions, suitable for both readings with flash light which continues incident and reflected light. Measurements for light flash - with or without a sync cable - shutter priority or aperture and EV measurements for ambient light. System to replace the caps reading incident or reflected, built-in slide nell'esposimetro. Precise measurements configurable between 1 / 10.1 / 2 or 1/3 stop

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