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Genesis ESOX GoPro HERO gimbal stabilizzatore

Marca: Genesis
Codice articolo: 003679
Prezzo consigliato EUR 259,00

Genesis proudly informs about Genesis ESOX stabilizer's release. It is dedicated for following action cams: GoPro HERO 3, HERO3+ and HERO4. It allows it's operator to obtain stable and fluent shots freehand, without the use of heavy, expensive stabilization systems. Its construction is based on a set of two brushless electric motors combined with gyroscopic sensors, thanks to which, the cam mounted on ESOX is being stabilized in two axes. Genesis ESOX is made entirely out of aluminium alloy. Using such type of material allows for weight reduction and guarantees the device's longevity and durability. ESOX stabilizer is powered by three rechargeable batteries 16340 type and the included charger allows the user to quickly recharge them even out of an USB computer port. Genesis ESOX is easy to use and does not require any additional actions from its user. It can be easily transported thanks to its compact size and low mass. Genesis ESOX is a perfect tool for every GoPro HERO 3 and/or 4 user who wants to make impressive and stable shots. The device is covered by a two-year manufacturer's limited warranty. Genesis ESOX is a Handheld Stabilizer for GoPro HERO3 and HERO4 sport video cameras. Now you don't need expensive, large and heavy stabilization systems to take smooth hand-held shots. It consists of a set of two brushless electric motors and gyro sensors that allow to stabilize your camera in two axes.


  • lightweight aluminium construction, only 300g
  • precise, two-axle stabilization system
  • vertical camera adjustment
  • compatible with GoPro Hero3/Hero3+ Black/Silver/HERO4 cameras
  • power supplied with three 16340 3.7V batteries (included in the kit)


  • Genesis ESOX stabilizer
  • charger
  • USB/MiniUSB cord
  • AC adapter
  • 4x Li-ion 16340 3.7V 1800mAh battery
  • user manual


Model: Genesis ESOX
Product type: Stabilizer for GoPro HERO3 i HERO4 camers
Compatible with cameras: GoPro HERO3 White 
GoPro HERO3+ Silver GoPro HERO4 Black GoPro HERO4 Silver
Power: 3x battery 16340 3.7V
Maximum life: 2h
Temperature range: 10 – 50°C
Dimensions: 220x80x80mm
Fabric: Aluminum
Weight ( with batteries/ with camera ) 300/395g
Sito Web realizzato da: Maior ADV - Agenzia di Comunicazione

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