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Sony SEL100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS

Marca: Sony
Codice articolo: SEL100400GM
Prezzo consigliato EUR 2.900,00
Sony Expands Flagship G Master™ Lens Series with
New 100-400mm Super Telephoto E-Mount Zoom
New FE 100-400mm F4.5–5.6 GM OSS Super Telephoto Zoom Lens
Features Outstanding Sharpness, Fast AF, Compact Design and more
Sony today introduced its furthest reaching E-mount lens, the FE 100-
400mm F4.5–5.6 GM OSS Super Telephoto Zoom (model SEL100400GM).
The new full-frame lens maintains the high standard of resolution that is the
hallmark of Sony’s flagship lineup of G Master™ lenses, while also offering
incredibly fast, precise AF capabilities, a lightweight, portable design and a
variety of professional functions and customisability. It’s an exceptionally
powerful photographic tool for a variety of enthusiast and professional
shooters, particularly those that are commonly shooting sports or wildlife.
Uncompromised G Master Design and Performance
A super telephoto zoom that meets the intense build requirements of Sony’s
acclaimed G Master series lens lineup, the new FE 100-400mm GM model
produces outstanding corner-to- corner sharpness throughout the lens’ zoom
and focus ranges and beautiful rendered ‘bokeh’ or background defocus,
ensuring the finest details are brought out in every subject and scene.
The complex design features 22 lens elements configured in 16 different
groups, including one Super ED (Extra-low Dispersion) and two ED glass
elements, all of which are working together to minimise chromatic
aberration and ensure the ultimate resolution is captured. The lens also has
Sony’s original Nano AR coating, which is particularly useful for shooting
sports scenes or wildlife, as it reduces unwanted reflections.
Precise, Quick AF Performance
In order to keep up with fast-moving action, the new FE 100-400mm GM
super telephoto zoom lens features the combination of a double linear
motor and a Direct Drive SSM actuator, which also ensures precise, quiet
The double motor system allows rapid focus lens drive acceleration to
capture the sudden motion that is common with sports and wildlife
photography, while high precision positioning control and a newly optimised
AF algorithm ensure the subject is quickly found and focused on. This
ensures that the maximum AF performance of a camera like the new α9 is
Lightweight Design, Extensive Customizability
In order to satisfy the extensive demands of customers craving lighter,
smaller and more portable super telephoto lenses, the new FE 100-
400mm GM weighs in at a mere 1,395 grams (49.3 ounces), making it
among the lightest in its class and an ideal fit for Sony’s wide range of
compactly designed cameras.
Functionally, the lens has a zoom torque adjustment ring – a first for Sony
α – allowing the user to adjust the level of torque in the ring to zoom faster
or slower depending on their shooting style. There is also a focus hold
button that can also be assigned to variety of functions including focus
mode selection, AF area selection or the popular Eye AF lock feature.
The telephoto zoom lens is dust and moisture resistant 1 , and has fluorine
coating on the front lens that makes it easier to remove dust or grease.
There is also a removable tripod mount.
Professional Operation and Reliability
The new FE 100-400mm GM lens features built-in optical image
stabilisation, ensuring that sharp images can be captured during handheld
shooting. It also offers a minimum focusing range of just 0.98 metres (3.22
feet), which maximises its versatility in the field, and a 9 bladed circular
aperture design that produces soft, beautiful bokeh.
The FE 100-400mm GM is compatible with both the 1.4x (model SEL14TC)
and 2.0x (model SEL20TC) teleconverters, allowing photographers and
videographers to shoot at up to 800mm on full-frame cameras and
approximately 1200mm (35mm full-frame equivalent) on APS-C cameras.
A replacement lens hood (model ALC-SH151) for the new lens will also be
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